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these are our boats!

Here is the video made with the footage recorded by the Year 8 Group 8z Ar4 students once they ‘floated’ their boats and performed the English Channel sea traffic.


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boats floating

During this session students finished working on their boats and have been building nautical infrastructure. The elements such as the cardboard harbour wall and a lighthouse were placed on the sea of joined tables. Then the students prepared their boats for ‘floating’ and moving across the ‘waters’ through attaching fishing wire to the ships and placing themselves around the tables. They created heavy sea traffic through pulling their boats in different directions across the tables. The video made by the students documenting their fleet movements will be available to watch soon.

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boats under construction

During the first session the Year 8 students of groups Ar5 and  Ar4 looked at the different types of boats and examples of  Hew Locke’s work. After the ship knowledge and design brainstorming they made drawings of the boats they wanted to make. Work on constructing boats started following week. To make their ships the pupils used collected prior to the workshop plastic trays and packaging that were glued according to their designs. After having all the ships parts assembled the students used plasticine and other materials to create cargo and equipment for their boats.

Photographs taken by students.

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