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composition and installation

The two groups working on their collective pieces spent the last session finishing their individual pictures and making segments of the giant paper frame that run around all created images. The work was finalised with the act of moving the pictures around and collective deciding on their configuration.


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boats floating

During this session students finished working on their boats and have been building nautical infrastructure. The elements such as the cardboard harbour wall and a lighthouse were placed on the sea of joined tables. Then the students prepared their boats for ‘floating’ and moving across the ‘waters’ through attaching fishing wire to the ships and placing themselves around the tables. They created heavy sea traffic through pulling their boats in different directions across the tables. The video made by the students documenting their fleet movements will be available to watch soon.

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memories, culture, images and frames

Students of Year 8 group 8y Ar3 and 8z Ar 3 were looking for the inspiration in Hala Elkoussy work. They were introduced to the idea of an installation artwork and started to work on their individual contributions to the multi-picture work.  The pupils spent the first session drawing the idea maps, discussing, researching and taking photographs in and around the school. They explored their backgrounds, cultures and familiar environments in search for images and words that could create a powerful work about memories and identity. Following week the students started working on their compositions. They used printed photographs taken by themselves, photographs from their family archives, and found footage images. They also learned the transfer printing technique using photocopies of old images and the emulsion paint.

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